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Santorini: Map of Santorini, Beaches, Attractions, Nightlife in Santorini Greece

Map of Santorini & Hotel Location

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Discover the magnificence of Santorini! The island of Santorini is considered to be the most mysterious and scenic island in Greece. Thousands of travellers flock to Santorini to experience its dramatic scenery, and view its world-famous sunset. In Santorini don’t miss strolling through picturesque villages, admiring exquisite archaeological sites, exploring the volcanic islets and lying on colourful beaches. Santorinians are very hospitable, always eager to be of assistance and tell you about their spectacular island.

One of the main features of Santorini is its contrasting colors; from whitewashed houses to dark red cliffs, and from deep blue waters to the burnish orange rays from the sunset. On this page, you are provided with a map of Santorini Island, travel information about Oia Town, Santorini beaches and sightseeing, as well as distances of the Nikos Villas Hotel in Oia Santorini from the airport, port, and beaches.

Oia (Ia) Santorini

Nikos Villas Hotel is situated in Oia, one of the most charming settlements in the Cyclades cluster, due to its breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and the Santorini volcano. The village is celebrated for its sunset view, which is the main sightseeing attraction of the area. Oia is located on the northern tip of Santorini, approximately 350 meters above the sea. The whitewashed houses that are carved into the reddish cliffside are very characteristic of Oia, creating a unique island-style atmosphere. In the Caldera area, opposite Oia Santorini are the 3 islets of Thirassia, Palea Kammeni and Nea Kammeni, which were created by the eruptions of the Santorini volcano.


From the Nikos Villas Hotel in Oia Santorini, visitors can easily reach the following destinations:

  • Santorini Airport (Monolithos): 20 km (taxi fare: € 25, bus fare: € 5)
  • Santorini Port (Athinios): 25 km (taxi fare: € 30, bus fare: € 7)
  • Imerovigli Town: 7 km (taxi fare: € 12, bus fare: € 1.40)
  • Fira Town: 10 km (taxi fare: € 15, bus fare: € 2)
  • Baxedes Beach: 4 km (taxi fare: € 10, bus fare: € 2)
  • Kamari Beach: 15 km (taxi fare: € 20, bus fare: € 2.80)
  • Supermarket: 100 meters
  • Bus Stop: 50 meters
  • Municipal parking lot: 1 minute on foot

Santorini Sightseeing

The island of Santorini Greece possesses some amazing sightseeing attractions that are worth visiting while on holiday. Before setting off on your tour, we suggest purchasing a good map of Santorini Island. In Oia, close to the Nikos Villas Hotel, you can visit the marvellous Maritime Museum, which includes collections of wonderful nautical artefacts and priceless heirlooms. We also recommend taking a stroll in the narrow alleyways of Oia Town, to get acquainted with its superb architecture and charming atmosphere.

Ancient Thira is a settlement located on a hill between the villages of Kamari and Perissa, which was once an important city in the Aegean region. Here, you can see the ruins of the settlement’s monuments, including sanctuaries, a gymnasium, a stoa, a theater, an agora, and more. Perhaps the most well-known ancient site is Akrotiri, the Prehistoric settlement located on the southern coast of Santorini. Akrotiri was preserved for centuries beneath lava and ash, enabling us at the present time to catch a glimpse of life in the 5th millennium B.C. Other wonderful sightseeing includes the Gyzi Manor, the Orthodox and the Catholic Cathedrals, the Museum of Prehistoric Thira and the Archaeological Museum in Fira, as well as the Venetian castles and the many quaint churches throughout the island. A special sightseeing tour to the wineries in the inland villages of Megalochori, Mesa Gonia, Pyrgos, and Vothonas, is a must.

Santorini Beaches

While staying at the Nikos Villas Hotel in Oia, we suggest visiting the very charming Santorini beaches of Armeni and Ammoudi, which are reach by climbing stairs from Oia Town. North of Oia, just a short distance by bus or car, are the lovely beaches of Baxedes, Paradissos, and Koloumbos. The unique volcanic sandy beaches of Santorini, which are famous for their distinctive colors, are also worth visiting. On the eastern coast of the island, you will come across the Grey and Black beaches of Monolithos, Kamari, Perissa, and Perivolos, while on the southern coast of Santorini, you will find the Red and White beaches, near the town of Akrotiri.

Santorini Cuisine and Nightlife

Apart from views, sightseeing and beaches, Santorini also offers excellent dining and entertainment. We heartily recommend tasting some of the local dishes served in the traditional tavernas and the modern fusion restaurants, including the island’s famous delicacies, such as fava (lentil dip), fried white eggplants, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini balls, fava balls and tomato balls, and grilled calamari. You can accompany your meal with a bottle or two of delicious Santorini wine, which is made from local grape varieties that have been imbued with the properties of the volcanic soil. Many of the tavernas and restaurants offer a marvellous view of the volcano, making your meal an even more enjoyable experience. There is an abundance of bars and clubs scattered about the island for your night-time entertainment, especially in the areas of Fira and Kamari. Quieter and cosier cafés, located above the Caldera, can be found in Oia.