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Nikos Villas Hotel is situated in Oia, one of the most charming settlements in the Cyclades cluster, due to its breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and the Santorini volcano.

The village is celebrated for its sunset view, which is the main sightseeing attraction of the area. Oia is located on the northern tip of Santorini, approximately 350 meters above the sea.

The whitewashed houses that are carved into the reddish cliffside are very characteristic of Oia, creating a unique island-style atmosphere. In the Caldera area, opposite Oia Santorini are the 3 islets of Thirassia, Palea Kammeni and Nea Kammeni, which were created by the eruptions of the Santorini volcano.

Nikos Villas Hotel Oia Santorini


From the Nikos Villas Hotel in Oia Santorini, visitors can easily reach the following destinations:

  • Santorini Airport (Monolithos): 20 km (taxi fare: € 25, bus fare: € 5)
  • Santorini Port (Athinios): 25 km (taxi fare: € 30, bus fare: € 7)
  • Imerovigli Town: 7 km (taxi fare: € 12, bus fare: € 1.40)
  • Fira Town: 10 km (taxi fare: € 15, bus fare: € 2)
  • Baxedes Beach: 4 km (taxi fare: € 10, bus fare: € 2)
  • Kamari Beach: 15 km (taxi fare: € 20, bus fare: € 2.80)
  • Supermarket: 100 meters
  • Bus Stop: 50 meters
  • Municipal parking lot: 1 minute on foot

Things to Do in Oia Santorini

Discover the allure of Oia Santorini, a captivating island paradise where timeless beauty and vibrant experiences await.

Oia Santorini's Photogenic Wonders

1. Capturing Timeless Memories: Oia Santorini's Photogenic Wonders

Immerse yourself in Oia Santorini's picturesque beauty as you explore iconic photo spots. Capture the breathtaking caldera views, stunning sunsets, vibrant floral displays, and charming cats that call this enchanting island home.

Top photo spots:

  • Blue Domes
  • Oia Castle
  • Agia Ekaterini (the church with 4 bells)
  • Cobbled Alleys
Oia Santorini's Majestic Sunsets

2. Embracing Nature's Grand Finale: Oia Santorini's Majestic Sunsets

Witness the grand spectacle of the sun dipping beneath the horizon in Oia Santorini. Choose from a myriad of mesmerizing viewpoints, like the popular Oia Castle, and arrive early to secure the perfect spot to savor the sun's final bow.

The Serene Oasis of Amoudi Bay

3. Unlocking Hidden Treasures: The Serene Oasis of Amoudi Bay

Discover the hidden gem of Amoudi Bay, nestled beneath the cliffs of Oia Santorini. Dive into the cove's turquoise waters, indulge in delightful waterfront dining, and embrace the thrill of cliff jumping at this idyllic destination.

Oia Santorini's Iconic Blue Domes

4. Azure Skies and Sapphire Crowns: Oia Santorini's Iconic Blue Domes

Marvel at the iconic Blue Domes that grace Oia Santorini's skyline like precious sapphires. Venture to the churches of Agios Spiridonas and Anasteseos at sunrise for uninterrupted views of these ethereal wonders.

Oia Santorini's Maritime Museum and Seafaring Heritage

5. Sailing Through Time: Oia Santorini's Maritime Museum and Seafaring Heritage

Unravel the rich nautical heritage of Oia Santorini at the Maritime Museum. Explore intricate model boats and fascinating artifacts, immersing yourself in the island's seafaring legacy that has shaped its captivating history.

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