What Oia Santorini Offers when you visit

Nov 26th, 2018

One of the South Aegean Cyclades Islands in Santorini Greece is Oia. Oia Santorini, formerly known as Apano Meria, it is a village in Santorini Greece. With a land area slightly above 19 sq. km, it came into limelight in the late 19th and early 20th centuries due to its merchant trade through the Eastern Mediterranean between Alexandria and Russia.

Oia Santorini in ancient Greek was one of the two harbors in ancient Santorini Greece and was located in the part of the Island which is now known as Kamari. The 1956 earthquake destroyed part of the town.

Oia’s Architecture

Oia, Santorini Greece is a picturesque village right among cliffs and still retains some of the houses built for Venetian sea captains. There are also buildings in pure white and colorful roofs which symbolizes the town’s affinity with the Greek architecture as well as typical cave houses for the locals.

A walk to the town’s end part will lead you to Kastro (Oia’s Castle). The Kastro is an old Venetian castle, and it is where you will be able to see a breathtaking view of Santorini’s caldera, the port of Amoudi just below it and the entire Oia town. It is also a great spot to take shots of the town, and you can also watch the boats going northwards to Istanbul and Athens.

The areas around the Kastro (Oia’s Castle) spots some picturesque windmills. You should not forget to check out the Maritime Museum and the Weaving Mill close by; you can purchase woven materials and agricultural products which have been canned and bottled traditionally.

When it comes to lodging in Oia, you are most likely to be confused when choosing a hotel as some of the most popular hotels in Santorini are here. Hotels in Oia Santorini will be able to provide you with striking views of the Aegean Sea and caldera. There are also relatively inexpensive ones which will let you stay close to the beach such that you can dash for a swim or beachside lounge.

Romantic activities in Oia Santorini

Oia Santorini is an idyllic destination for romantic trips and honeymoons because there a lot of activities you can get involved in alongside your partner. One of such is watching the sunset in Santorini which is one feature Oia Santorini is very famous for.

You can simply rent a boat to watch the sunset while on the sea; walk down to the town’s edge on the northernmost part where you can experience a romantic evening with your partner or just sit in a café if you are traveling alone.

Just ensure you go early as it gets crowded since it is one of the major attraction forces to the town. Other sunset-watching spots include the Byzantine castle ruins and the blue domed churches.

Another romantic activity you can take part in Oia Santorini includes taking a swim in the Mediterranean waters. You can enjoy a special time of solitude with your partner while doing this since it is entirely hidden from the crowd. Amazing seafood awaits you at one of the alfresco restaurants lining Amoudi Bay after your swim.

One other activity to take part in Oia, Santorini is hiking. You can walk through Imerovigli, across the hiking trail between Oia and Fira. This is not usually crowded, and you can enjoy some of the most beautiful views of Santorini Island. Just take your camera along so you can document the views for record purposes.

Staying in Santorini lets you enjoy breathtaking views of the blue Aegean Sea, volcano, caldera, and the sunset it is famous for. One of the hotels with apartments in Santorini is the Nikos Villas Hotel.

The Nikos villas hotel retains the traditional architecture of the Santorini culture and will let you see the mysterious Caldera and Volcano. It contains well-furnished Santorini Apartments for your comforts and is aimed at providing you with a memorable time in Oia, Santorini.