The Diversity of Santorini’s Beaches – Part I

Jan 28th, 2019

One of the top features of Santorini Island are the many beaches it boasts of. The Cyclades Island has as much as Seventeen beaches each of which is a sight to behold. This excellent beachy feature of the Island is due to no other reason than its volcanic nature.

The past volcanic eruptions have gone a long way not only to shape the Island but also make it unique and boost its natural and peculiar looks.

Therefore, each of the beaches is distinctive despite most of them having volcanic rocks and sand. The dissimilarity between the beaches in Santorini makes the island an ideal place for anyone as it is certain at least one of the beaches will satisfy you.

One major concern among tourist is accommodation. However, you need not be bothered about this when you visit any of the beaches in Santorini. You will always find hotels in Oia Santorini which can adequately cater for your needs. Let’s take a look at some beaches in Santorini and their diversity from one another.

Perivolos and Perissa (Black beach)

Although these are two beaches, the latter (Perissa) is a natural extension of the former (Perivolos) and therefore has similar features. Both can be referred to as black beach.

Perivolos Beach can duly be referred to as the liveliest beach in Santorini Greece as it is always humming with activity. This is the main feature which makes it an ideal location for all age groups and personalities.

It is located on the Southeastern coast of Santorini, right between Perissa Beach and Agios Georgios Beach and all three are easily accessible on foot.

It is covered in black lava sand which is a common phenomenon among Santorini beaches, and it has deep sparkling waters.

Perissa Beach is located on the Southeastern Coast of Santorini Greece and lies just below the Mesa Vouno Mountain which separates it from Kamari. Standing atop the Mesa Vouno Mountain will provide you with scenic views of the black lava sand merged with the sandy sea base and a dark blue, crystal clear water.

Monolithos Beach

This is a quiet beach located on the eastern coast of Santorini at approximately 9km from Fira. It was named after the big rock which Agios Ioannis Church is built. Although close to Kamari Beach, it is relatively less crowded and more peaceful.

Monolithos Beach is ideal for family visits as the waters are shallow and it has a playground area for children. Like a typical Santorini Beach, it is a long beach with crystal clear waters and black and grey sands. An area of the beach is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, lifeguard tower and sports facilities such as a football pitch, volleyball, and basketball courts respectively.

The other part of the beach is secluded, offering serenity, privacy, and relaxation under the natural shade provided by the trees lining it.

ocks, with similar formations to that of Vlychada Beach, have been sculpted by the wind and sea salt. There are cafes, restaurants, bars, and taverns nearby which help you complete the list of things to do in Santorini as you can enjoy traditional meals on your day out at Monolithos beach.

Do not forget to check out the old Tomato Canning Factory nearby; it is the first one in the entire Santorini Island area.

Ammoudi Bay

Just below the beautiful village of Oia lies the Ammoudi Bay. It is a pretty, small bay filled with crystal clear waters and fishing boats. It is unarguably one of the most spectacular features of Santorini. The water edge is lined with fish taverns, where you can enjoy delicious fresh, seafood and relax while listening to sea waves.

A romantic walk with your love partner is one of the best things to do in Santorini Greece, and Ammoudi Bay is just the perfect place for this.

Although there are no sunbeds and umbrellas here, you can enjoy yourself by swimming from the dock, past the taverns which will take you to a perfect place where you can dive. Climbing one of the high rocks at Ammoudi Bay in the evening time will afford you the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset in Oia Santorini.

You will also be able to see the exhilarating Oia settlement and the Santorini Caldera atop reddish cliffs.

Hotels in Oia, Santorini

Visiting Ammoudi Bay and other beaches in Santorini can be both exciting and tiring after taking part in the various fun things to do in Santorini, Greece.

To cater for this, there are several hotels and apartments in Santorini which will cater for your accommodation needs so you can have a memorable stay in Santorini, Greece. Nikos Villas is one of Oia Santorini’s hotels which is well ranked by others who have used their services.